Before beginning:
Make sure the materials or fabrics you will be using are suitable for applying patches.
When applying the patch, you will need to put pressure on the iron. Therefore, it is best to not use an ironing board, and instead to use a table (or other hard, smooth, and stable surface) covered with a towel.
Steam will damage the patch! Be sure to turn off the steam function of your iron, or, even better, empty the water out of the iron altogether.  
Set your iron to about 160˚F (or 70˚C; roughly the “cotton” setting). If you aren’t sure which setting to use, set your iron just above level 2, and then slowly increase the temperature as needed.

Applying the patch:

  1. Press the iron directly on the fabric to warm the area where you will apply the patch.
  2. Place the patch on the fabric, with the backing sheet up.
  3. Cover the patch with wax paper, to protect the iron.
  4. Place the iron on the wax paper and patch, and apply firm, constant pressure for about 15 seconds (the glue must melt). Do not move the iron around.
  5. : If the patch is larger than the ironing surface of your iron, repeat until all areas of the patch have been pressed. Be sure to take a short break between pressings to allow the fabric to cool, so the heat does not damage the patch.
  6. When done, allow the patch to slightly cool, then carefully remove the backing sheet. If the patch has not completely adhered to the fabric, repeat the pressing process. (You can carefully use your fingernail to make sure it has been applied completely.)
  7. After the backing sheet has been removed, if needed, you can press the iron directly to the patch for a couple of seconds to better attach any loose areas.
Laundry tips:
All our patches are machine washable, and will not wear or fade in the wash. Garments should be washed in cold water (standard patches can be washed up to 60˚F/15˚C; neon patches up to  30˚F/8˚C).