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To Prepare:

Please use the electric iron for a straight, smooth and stable surface in a safe position. Important : use you Board not Ironing.
When you iron, you are heating please to about 160 degrees. This corresponds to approximately just below the display of "cotton". If you are unsure, set it just above level 2. You should later, the temperature of my is not sufficient, you can increase this slowly.

Lay a cloth / towel as a substrate.
Turn the iron to the steam - better yet, drain the entire water from your steam iron.
The steam damaged the carrier foil of the pressure, causing it to be unusable.

Now it can go:

  • The place you want to apply, please vorbügeln, so the can escape the Rest of the moisture out of the fabric.
  • Place the sticker with the carrier film to the top on the fabric.
  • You can place a piece of baking paper on the Ironing image.
  • Now press the iron with firm pressure and without any movements evenly for about 15 seconds on the patches. ( Should this be greater than the Ironing surface of the iron, repeat this process until you have all the Points of the bow image pressed. Hold a short cooling break between the individual pressing operations, so that the pressure will not be damaged by too much heat.)
  • If you have the printer fully pressed, disconnect after a short cooling time, carefully remove the carrier sheet. You should note that the pressure holds on the fabric, repeat the pressing process.
  • After the carrier film is starting, you can fix the iron-on extra, by squeezing once again left short.

Important Note:

Depending on the dependence of the washing of the provisions of the garment or of the substance, and correct application of our patches are now up to max. 60 degree wash.
(Except for reflective prints and neon colors. This may only be up to 30 degrees washed )